Finding My Creative Inspiration

Wish Pearl #1, acrylic on Canvas, 12"X12"
I'm excited for what the new year will bring. I've been planning it all out and setting my creative goals.

However, as I was planning my new year, I had this negative little voice in my head that kept nagging “What if…?” I found myself “stuck” creatively; I felt that the well had dried up. (It’s a very scary feeling when your work depends on creativity.)  I had to change my mind! I started meditating while listening to soundscapes music every morning for about 30 minutes. My therapy worked! This process invigorated me. 

How Do You Deal with Creative Blocks? What solutions have worked for you?

See below steps of my new creative inspiration, the Wish Pearl collection.

On this note, I wish that 2017 brings you growth in your journey, joy, and prosperity.

Love y’all,

Monique XXX

PS: Someone asked me about my meditation. Click HERE to get the complete answer.

Wish Pearl #1, Wish Pearl #2, Wish Pearl #3, acrylic on Canvas, 12"X12" each.

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