Exploring the abstract

Pomme et Cannelle, oil on canvas, 20"X20"
I have come to the conclusion that when I paint outdoors, what I want to paint is not about what I’m seeing. What I see is far too complicated and I have no desire to duplicate it on my canvas. I am training my brain to see more in abstraction. Thinking that way gives me more freedom and a fresh breath of pure joy. All I want is to capture a feeling, the soul of the scene, or at least, my own interpretation of it. 
Working on an abstract of the scene, I keep painting within the design. I have to be careful to not over work it.
Here is the photo of what I was seeing versus the final painting.
Thanksgiving is always a special time to reflect back on the past year, to remember and embrace those who enrich our lives. I'm so blessed to have art in my life, to get me connected with the beauty of nature, and with great artist friends, to have wonderful students, and to all people who have interest in my art. I'm also thankful for my loving husband and his support.

I wish you all a Thanksgiving filled with gratitude and joy!


Monique XX

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